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With a rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes of great natural beauty, Thailand is truly a land of dazzling variety. Below are some of the additional trip ideas to help you have an unforgettable experience to treasure for a long time.




Health & Wellness

Thailand offers a range of destinations throughout the country that enable you to experience a variety of health and wellness packages. Come to improve your health and well-being in all aspects. Whatever you choose, you will be pampered with hospitable services envied by the rest of the world.

Leading-Edge Treatments

Home to Asia’s first internationally accredited health facility, Thailand’s ultra-new and modern hospitals are more like luxury hotels catering to tourists than places to treat the less-than-healthy. While standards are world-class, costs are far lower than those for comparable services in the U.S. or Europe. Popular procedures include cardiac surgery, knee and hip replacement surgery, dialysis treatment, cosmetic surgery and treatment, oral surgery and dental treatment, and corrective eye surgery. Services at leading private hospitals include airport transfers, international insurance coordination, and fully-serviced rooms.

Alternative Healings

Take a journey along the pathway towards inner and outer well-being. You will be rewarded with serenity and satisfaction. Thai Traditional Medicine, Thai massage, meditation, natural medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, naturopathy, yoga, tai chi, herbal treatment, slow living, and mind training are among the several choices available. Leave the world behind and discover harmony and peace of mind with every breath you take in Thailand.

Wedding & Honeymoons

Blessed with diversity and variety, this ancient mystical land has it all. Thailand is the perfect idyllic destination to wed and indulge in an exclusively unique honeymoon. Arranging a marriage to suit the religious or cultural affiliation you wish will never be a difficulty. There is no limit to the spectacular locations and manner in which you pledge your love. Here are some of the possible choices to tie your knot:

•    Private wedding functions in a historic home
•    Legendary wedding ceremonies
•    Wedding on elephant back
•    Elegant wedding at a world-renowned hotel
•    Cruise wedding
•    Air balloon wedding
•    Cliff wedding
•    Underwater wedding

As honeymooners, you will find extreme pleasure at discovering one another’s passions with an endless array bonding experiences to embrace together. Dine on world-renowned Thai cuisine. Captain your own luxury-chartered yacht. Be spoiled by the superb array of spa hideaways. Laze around on sandy beaches. Thailand offers all these and so much more for the perfect romantic getaway.

Educational Travel

Culinary Programs

With the continuing rise of tourism to Thailand, the world is now interested in all things Thai, most notably Thai food. Hands-on cooking classes are offered by hotels and resorts in major tourist areas, such as Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi, Samui, Hau Hin and Pattaya. Additionally, there are cooking schools that provide the basic skills to prepare a Thai meal in your own home, or even training to professional standards. For more professional culinary educational experiences, Thailand’s five-star Dusit Thani Hotel has joined forces with Le Condon Bleu, offering a comprehensive range of culinary arts education.

University Courses

Students from Asia, Europe, the U.K. and U.S. can take university courses in Thailand to enjoy the benefits of high-standard education at relatively low costs, all with the ability to enjoy Thailand’s wonders while studying. Student exchange programs are available through both public and private universities. Talk to your student exchange advisors and prepare yourself to explore the world.

Thai Massage Courses

With the worldwide boom in spas and wellness centers, the demand of Thai massage therapists is increasing. The best place to learn these arts is Wat Pho, commonly referred to as the Temple of The Reclining Buddha in Bangkok. It is Thailand's first open university, featuring many fields of knowledge and technology including medical science, physical therapy, and pharmacopeias.

Gateway to the Lands of the Mekong River

Thailand adds an extra dimension to its myriad of attractions, as it the most convenient gateway to the lands of the Mekong, Southeast Asia’s longest river. From the hills and hilltribe villages of northern Thailand to the extraordinary natural beauty of Yunnan in southern China, the spellbinding ancient ruins of Cambodia’s Angkor to the temple-studded plain of Myanmar’s Bagan, the intriguing watery world of the Mekong delta in Vietnam to the old-world charm of Luang Prabang in Lao PDR, the choice of sightseeing possibilities is unparalleled. Start your journey today!


Each year, Thailand attracts visitors from all over the world wishing to discover the secret of the peaceful and meditative lifestyle. Meditation teaching may range from day classes at various centers and temples in Bangkok, to intensive, month-long courses at tranquil forest retreats in rural provinces. For information on meditation – see Meditation page.