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Heavenly Land of Spas




Given its history, it seems inevitable now that Thailand should be hailed as the “heavenly land of spas.” Spas in Thailand are aesthetically pleasing, with a Thai atmosphere that is instinctively appreciated. The welcome accorded by pleasant, smiling staff and therapists is always the first stage in the treatment, placing you in the role of an honored guest who is in soothing, caring hands.


The world famous Thai massage and traditional healing techniques are the basis of the treatment. All of these distinctive qualities reflect Thailand’s commitment to a traditional service of healing, giving pleasure and comfort to all spa lovers.



Revitalizing spa treatments

Most reputable Thai spas embrace the spirit and tradition of holistic healing. Their spa menus will feature a comprehensive but balanced range of revitalizing treatments, going beyond the health and beauty programs.

A typical Thai spa presents a choice of traditional Thai massage with Swedish, Javanese, and sports massage. Jet lag recovery treatment, aromatherapy, reflexology, foot massage are also on the list, with skin care treatments such as facials, mud and body wraps, scrubs, as well as acupressure, herbal steam, and floral baths.

Your choice of spas

There will always be a certain kind of spa to suit you preferences:

For lifestyle improvement and health enhancement, Destination Spas will be your perfect choice, where spa services, physical fitness, educational programs, on-site accommodation, and spa cuisine are professionally administered.

For spas combining with other leisure activities, Resort and Hotel Spas seem the best, with spas located within the properties.

Renowned as the “Health Capital of Asia,” Thailand offers some of the best Medical Spas as well. You will be provided comprehensive medical and wellness care in an environment which integrates spa services with complementary conventional therapies and treatments.

If you would like to treat yourself for a day, just visit any of our Day Spas throughout the country.

Thai spa products

Thai spas are also developing their own lines of products, using Thai herbs. This has contributed to a renaissance of traditional Thai herbal recipes and ancient remedies prized for the healing power of their natural ingredients. Be sure to get some of these great Thai spa products to pamper yourself back at home!







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